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Little dog is playful and restless as like as every young one. But only patience is needed for Coton not to do puddles or piles in the middle of your living room or anywhere at home, not to gnow furniture or carpets. Then everything depends on the breeder. What he will consents to his doggie - to crave "puds" from the table through sad lokking, to sleep with his master in one bed, … or what he will teach him - to respond to his commands, to hurdle or to walk beautifully and greatly to show his imposing exterior.

Just patient or rarely raised voice is really just enough for his training. You will be surprised how soon he will learn to understand you.

Cotons love all dish that is in the world. They don't demand any special meals. Abidancing by basic rules - multifarious meals with sufficiency of nutrients and adequat quantity, he is going to eat everything that you will give him.

Coton hair necessitates an everyday attention. 10 minutes a day at least. It is necessary to comb the fur carefully and to untangle all kinkles. It must be done so adroitly not to pull the doggie. Otherwise he will run away, bother, hide his paws, neck, belly, botty and all body points which you just would like to comb. But don't wonder. We mind it, too. Bathing shouldn't be done too often the skin and coat not to get dry. You need not cut Cotons coat. He doesn't shed.

We mustn't forget about eyes, ears, teeth and nails. Take care of them is entirelly usual and they don't demand any special checking on.

Every doggie, even it is absolutely healthy, needs to visit a vet time after time - vaccination, various confirmations etc.

Responsible breeder must appreciate that such a doggie isn't a vaccant plaything but he is an alive being who has its soul and different life style than a man. If the situation won't involve, we won't get him to do something that isn't natural for him, e.g. to eat hamburgers or to sit mannerly in front of TV all evening.

We simply decided some time that we acquire a doggie so we must hang our laziness and easiness and we should obliged him and please his needs when he asks for something, without batting an eyelid.

Incoming breeder should also remember that children often aren't reliable in this sense - which children can leave his new computer game by himself, without a parents' command?






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11. 07. 2007